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One-to-One Mentoring and Group Training

We provide 1-1 mentoring to people with mental health issues to help move them forward with their lives to a more positive place by increasing confidence and resilience, reducing isolation and encouraging small steps, giving hope and a purpose. We motivate and influence people to take those very first steps towards change. When ready, we connect them into the community. We address areas of their lives they are struggling with: social isolation, self-care, access to support networks, healthy lifestyle and diet, physical activity, housing, benefits, debt.

We find that we build rapport with people easily and believe this is because we are open, honest, transparent and truly care about the work that we do. Our strength is community engagement, partnership working, influencing and motivating people of all ages.
We are qualified Advice and Guidance Level 4 as well as having 40 plus years’ experience working with vulnerable people in the Housing Sector and Community Development. We upskill and capacity build our clients giving them confidence and praise, listening, being non-judgemental and showing empathy to their situation.  We have mentored 42 people in the last 18 months; in Pendle/ Morecombe. Anxiety and depression are prevalent in all the people we have worked with. People are socially isolated and cut off from their community which has a severe impact on their mental health. Through working with Clients 1-1 at their own pace, we reduce isolation and give them tools to make better use of their time. We have achieved some fantastic life changing results. A major positive from feedback of our clients is that they find in us someone who will listen to them in a non-judgemental and caring way. They say listening is massive to someone who is socially isolated and may not speak to people from one day to the next, not feeling rushed, having direction and encouragement are key to helping someone with mental health issues make changes to shape their future.

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