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Over 50’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Sessions

This programme is for the over 50s; including those with mental health issues; their carers, and families. Our aims are to connect them in communities, reduce isolation, capacity and confidence build them, empower residents, improve their social connections, provide a pathway to volunteering, upskilling and training opportunities, signposting them to relevant services.
The programme will consist of a variety of activities over a 6-week period, each session lasting 2 hours.
Activities will include Walking Sports sessions (i.e. cricket, football, rounders), this enables people to have fun, participate, without being too competitive or fast paced which can put some people off joining in if they are not in good health. Regular exercise is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety and is essential for slowing age related cognitive decline and for promoting well-being.
Health and Welly walks, walking helps with improving fitness and weight loss, it burns calories. Walking improves mood and mental well-being. The walks are an opportunity for attendees to come along either on their own, with their carers or family members, bring the dog if they wish, to get out of the house in the fresh air, connect with the outdoors, with nature, take notice, this strengthens and broadens awareness. They can connect with other people; social relationships promote well-being.
Our Treasure Hunts are very popular; not only is this exercise as we walk through the clues during the Treasure Hunt, we pair up residents, so they meet new friends, it keeps their brain active, they are learning something new and are working together as a team rather than in isolation.
Cook and Eat sessions are a great way of doing something together as a group, everyone helps prepare the meal, while it is cooking, we have discussions about healthy eating, reducing cholesterol and salt in diets for example, cooking on a budget etc. Residents share recipes, we usually have a healthy food/eating quiz, then we eat lunch together, this is another great way to socialise, build relationships, share experiences and learn new things.
Cycling, we take residents on a bike ride (for those with no access to a bike, we hire them locally, or connect with Ribbleton Bike Revival) they offer bike maintenance courses and volunteering opportunities. For those who have not been on a bike for a long time, they soon get used to it, it is great exercise but also an ideal opportunity to show people how beneficial two wheels are from getting them from A to B, the health benefits of cycling and the advantages of being able to take notice of their surroundings makes this a good choice of transport.
A trip out of Preston gives residents an opportunity to see something different, learn something new, gives them something to talk about with friends and family. It can improve depression, it gives people something to look forward to, something to make the effort for. It’s an opportunity for social interaction again, travelling together and chatting, finding out about someone else’s life is interesting.
The programme will be tailored to the attendees from that community. All activities will be fun, friendly and encouraging and each one will include a social opportunity for a coffee afterwards.
We also, with our assistance, intend to give residents an opportunity to organise a trip or event. This will improve their skills in budgeting, planning, marketing, time management and event management, hopefully they will then be able to transfer those skills to either become more involved in their community, Residents Association, or help them find a new job.
Please get in touch for an informal chat if you live in the Preston area, and feel you may benefit from this programme. Contact us for further information.

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